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What is RRNI?

Out of the 7.5 billion people who live on this planet, 1.2 billion people live in India. An estimated 18% of all global deaths and 20% of loss of global daily adjusted life years (DALYs) occur in India, making it a country with one of the highest disease burden in the world. Non-communicable diseases have recently overtaken communicable diseases as leading causes of mortality and morbidity in India. According to the POSEIDON study, respiratory symptoms (50.6%) were the leading cause of a visit to a healthcare practitioner followed by digestive (25%), circulatory (12.5%), skin (9%) and endocrine (6.6%).  Despite this only 2% of the research is focused on respiratory diseases. Identifying this lacuna and the immense need, Chest Research Foundation (CRF) took an initiative to pool the intelligence, efforts & observations of researchers, clinicians & basic scientists from every corner of the country to support the national research initiatives in respiratory diseases with the main objective to improve the respiratory care in India and formed the Respiratory Research Network of India (RRNI).

Doctors from 12 different locations in India congregated at CRF to form the Steering Committee and in presence of Dr. Shyam Biswal, Director, Biswal Laboratory, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA, started this initiative. On 11th August 2012, the meeting was conducted to form the network and policy decisions at CRF, Pune, India, led by Dr. Sneha Limaye, Head of Clinical Trials Division at CRF, who received a training on the working of the ACRC (Airways Clinical Research Center) model at the DCC (Data Coordination Centre) of ACRC (Airways Clinical Research Center) at Maryland, USA facilitated by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

The Network brings together the experts in the field of respiratory medicine from all over the country under one platform to facilitate knowledge sharing and research. RRNI persuades the network investigators to translate new research ideas into multicentre studies so that the data generated has a good geographical representation of Indian population.  RRNI provides a well coordinated, efficient access to a large & diverse patient population across a range of respiratory diseases and demographics.

The main objective of the Network is to help to improve the patient care in the field of Respiratory Diseases in our country by generating new knowledge in the field of respiratory medicine and research to conduct studies to help shape the research and health policies in India. Please visit  Register With Us to join as an Investigator in this network and enhance the quality of respiratory care.