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Sr. No. TITLE OBJECTIVES Participating sites
1 APRISE- Antibiotic Prescribing practices and prevalence of antibiotic Resistance in various Intensive care units acrosS multiple centrEs in India. To study the antimicrobial prescribing practices and the extent of the problem of antimicrobial resistance in various intensive care units across multiple centres in India Principle Investigator– Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar

Co-investigators– Dr. C.E. Prasad, Dr. P.A. Mahesh, Dr. Sanjay Kochar, Dr. Murali Mohan, Dr. Sushant Meshram, Dr. Zuber Ahmed, Dr. Babaji Ghewade, Dr. Virendra Singh, Dr. Girija Nair, Dr. Hirenappa Udnur, Dr. Suryakant Tripathi, Dr. Rajesh Khyalappa, Dr. Amol Hartalkar, Dr. Jitendra Ingole


2 EMBARC INDIA (The European Multicentre Bronchiectasis Audit and Research Collaboration in INDIA)


This study is being conducted in collaboration with the European Bronchiectasis Registry.

To create an Indian registry of bronchiectasis in order to improvise quality of patient care through research and knowledge generation


Indian Principle investigator-Dr Raja Dhar

Co-investigators– Dr Hirrenappa Udnur, Dr Babaji Ghewade, Dr Sushant Meshram, Dr Nitin Abhyankar, Dr Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya, Dr. C.E. Prasad, Dr Virendra Singh, Dr Praveen Valsalan K, Dr Murali Mohan, Dr K. P. Venugopal, Dr Tushar Sahashrabuddhe, Dr Girija Nair, Dr Suryakant Tripathi, Dr Archana Rao, Dr Suranjan Mukherjee, Dr P.A. Mahesh, Dr R. Vijai Kumar,Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, Dr Aditya Jindal, Dr Sanjay Kochar, Dr.  Amol Hartalkar, Dr Gayathri Joshy, Dr Sushmita Roychoudhari, Dr Parvaiz Koul, Dr Ansuman Mukhopadhyay, Dr Sunil Vyas, Dr Zuber Ahmed


3 UNLOCK – India’s contribution to the Uncovering and Noting Long-term Outcomes in COPD to enhance Knowledge. To develop a database of Asthma and COPD patients from across India Principle investigator: Dr  Komalkirti K. Apte


Co-investigators: Dr Bill Brashier, Dr Sundeep Salvi, Dr Parthasarathi Bhattacharyya, Dr P.A. Mahesh, Dr  Rajiv Paliwal, Dr Balamugesh, Dr Rajesh Swarnakar, Dr C.E.Prasad, Dr Parvaiz Koul, Dr Arvind Bhome


4 Asthma and COPD Differentiation in Respiratory Symptoms Analysis- ACIRA To develop short and simple questionnaires which will help physicians differentiate between COPD and Asthma with ease and confidence in the absence of objective tools


Principle Investigator – Dr. Sundeep Salvi

Co-Investigators– Dr Sushant Meshram, Dr Vishwanath Pujari, Dr Shrikant Bhaisare, Dr Nikita Jalan, Dr Sneha Limaye, Dr Rahul Kodgule, Dr Komalkirti Apte, Mrs Renuka Kiran Gaikwad